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Sweatshirt Fabric

Sweatshirt fabrics are stretchy, soft and suitbale for cozy sweaters, jumpers, hoodies, pants and jumpsuits. Here you will find them in different kinds; like one-coloured, melange, patterned and in panels. 

Among the solid sweatshirt fabrics you can choose  between different kinds of colours and thicknesses, but also between  looped and brushed back. If you are looking for patterned sweatshirt fabrics you can find everything from lovely animals, flowers and dots to cars and camouflage patterns.


Of the panels there are a lot of motifs to choose  among and all of them can be used to create nice and unique garments.  These a little lighter sweatshirts fabrics can be combined with other  patterned or solid fabrics in both sweatshirt and cotton jersey.

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