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Here you can find various kinds of needles, everything from sewing machine needles to safety pins. 

We offer different kinds of sewing machine needles  from Schmetz, which one suits you the best is depending on your project.  There are universal needles, twin needles, jersey needles, stretch  needles, jeans needles, leather needles, overlock needles and anti  glue-needles to choose between. 


Sewing needles are ideal for household hand sewing  projects, allowing you to quickly fix any fabric tears or loose  stitches. We have regular needles, needles that are easy to thread,  repair needles and tapestry needles.


Berry pins are a helpful tool for holding fabrics in place during sewing projects, their round heads makes them much easier to grip.


Safety pins are versatile and have a variety of  sewing and craft uses, they can for example be used when threadning and  fastening ribbons or fabric pieces.