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In every colour of the rainbow you can find rib knits that are solid, melange, glittery, striped and star patterned.

The elastic fabric is ideal as ribbing for cuffs, neckbands,  waistbands and pockets. It is also perfect for wrist- and legwarmers.


Our tubular rib knit is also popular to use when you reupholster your  travel trailer cushions. The tubular fabric makes it easy for you to  thread the cushion through it, and will give your travel trailer  cushions a new look in no time.

Here you can find one-coloured and melange rib knits in many lovely  colours. Several of the rib knits are made of organic cotton, and you  can also choose between two different alternatives in width. We have  both tubular rib knits and the ones that are approximately 150 cm in  width, which kind that suits you the best is depending on your  preference.