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Zipper by the Meter

Continous zipper gives you the possibility to to custom make your  zippers in the length you need for your projects. You recieve it in one  continous piece, which you cut in desired length and sew a seam over to  stop the zipper slide.

The continous zipper is ideal for projects where the zipper should  have a closed end, for example in pants, skirts, dresses, cushion  covers, tents, bedding, shoes, bags and cosmetic cases. The flexible  teeth on the nylon coil zipper are great for taking curves, for example  on cases, bags or tents.



Order continous zipper and zipper sliders 
Since we do not know how many zippers you are making, you order the  zipper and sliders separately. The continous zipper and the zipper  slider always have the same number, for example is continous zipper 207  suitable with zipper slider 207.



Installing zipper sliders
You install the sliders by parting the zipper approximately 7-8 cm  and then thread the ends in the rounded part of the slider, in the other  end you could pull out the closed zipper.


Do you need help with installing the sliders? If you order both  zipper and sliders on the same order, it is possible for you to let us  install them for you. You can order this service here.